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Oh Hi badass entrepreneur,

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help me help you

What Would You Do With 5 Extra Hours a Week?

  • You'd land that super creative dream project

  • You'd design a gorgeous client welcome package

  • You'd fulfill that wholesale order for your favorite boutique 

  • You'd pitch your innovative start-up to influential investors

  • Or or or, hear me out on this one... YOU COULD TAKE A NAP


website stuff? Pricing strategy? scheduling posts?

I LOVE Helping Entrepreneurs Reach Their Goals


It's true! Helping awesome entrepreneurs is my passion and I have a strong understanding of what it takes to run a boutique business. Just starting out? I can set up a beautiful website with custom photography. Falling behind on bookkeeping? I'm super organized and love spreadsheets. Need help converting clicks to sales? We'll come up with a strategy that includes social media on multiple platforms, engaging newsletters, and blog posts. 


Okay, sooo...

Here's How I Can Help You

It's often the most mundane tasks that boggle you down, and you end up binge-watching Netflix instead of doing The Work. I totally get it. I'm here to help you get your business to wherever you need it to be. Ready to take your venture to the next level? Let's chat over some virtual coffee to see how I can assist you! 


E-COMMERCE shop maintenance

Uploading products, prepping images, and ensuring everything works perfectly takes literally (ok, not literally) a billion hours. I can bring that down to a couple. 


If engaging with your audience sounds like work, let me lift your burden! We'll come up with a social media strategy to keep your clients excited and loyal to your brand. 


You have so much to communicate to your audience, but so little time to prep and edit images and actually schedule a blog post. 


Marketing experts and seasoned entrepreneurs agree that your email list is the most valuable tool you have. A single newsletter can help you reach your monthly or quarterly goals.