Use the Force

After 15 months, I finally have a proper photograph of my nerdy Use the Force tattoo. Oh, did you not know I'm a big nerd? Now, you know. Photo taken by the brilliant Ann McGarry, who is also the mama of that darling cat you see up there, George.

Things have been a bit quiet on this blog, haven't they? To update you lovely reader on a few thingies:

01) I have postponed my Portland to Portland bike trip. I've realized I need to take care of one major aspect of my life that has me worrying: moneyz. Which is why...

02) I am restarting my family portrait photography business. It never really went away, but I had forced it into a year-long hiatus for a variety of lame reasons.

03) Little Bright Studio is still going strong.

04) OMG I got interviewed by Kristin Kalp of Brand Camp Blog over on Handmade Success. The interview allowed me to analyze what I do, how I do it, and how I present it to the world.

05) I recently discovered a cocoa-almond spread by Trader Joe's. My sugar levels are probably wreaking havoc in my body. (mmm so good).

06) I am ready to conquer the world. Or at least make a few more people happy.

A few rolls of Fuji 400H are just chilling out in my fridge, waiting to be developed. Snow in Hood River, OR and low-tide at Haystack Rock are among the images I will soon relive.

Hope you are all having a wonderful beginning to Spring (soon, soon, soon the Pacific Northwest will give way to summertime and I will wear nothing but short pants and tank tops ALL DAY LONG.)