Sarah & James

Sarah and I have been online friends since...I don't know, ancient times known as the early '00s. We bonded over our mutual love of CSI Las Vegas' Gil Grissom. Fate decided we needed to live only 5 hours apart, but different countries. She met "Jim Jam" a few years ago and now they will up and get "the marrieds" next August in BC. We invaded the AWESOME Seattle Center Library (because it was pouring outside- who knew?)  and took photos of their love.

I love Sarah, she is an inspiration and has been an amazing friend over the years . She is also to blame for me ruining several articles of clothing from laughing so hard at her superior comedy skills. You should visit her website because she's also pretty darn talented.

Sarah, I can't wait for your magical wedding of magic... and Gil Grissom. I promise he will come. Promise.

(Could you stop being so beautiful? You're making the rest of us look bad.)