"Is she really a cat?"

Hello, I'm Amy! I am an all-around creative gal and creative entrepreneur with years of experience running creative projects. I am also a cat. (Yes, a cat.) In fact, I've had nearly of decade of experience as a business owner and now I want to use my skills I've learned and honed to help you, a badass woman in a creative space, organize your systems, help with tasks that bog you down, and create strategy for your marketing. My services aim to alleviate the stress entrepreneurs face by providing virtual assisting, which grows your business and maximizes your badassery (you know it, girl. *snaps fingers* Too much?).

By having an organized, badass virtual assistant like me handle menial, time-consuming tasks, an entrepreneur like yourself has more time on your hands to reach the business goals you dream of. You probably have a million tiny tasks that would take only a few minutes to do, but the mental time and energy to actually sit down and DO them is blocking you from more creative endeavors. Let me handle those for you! Got a bigger project that needs organization, an extra set of hands or eyes, or just a strategy to put it into existence? I can do that, too!

What can't I do? Well, you probably don't want me to wrangle bears (bears terrify me) and I will never wear all black (they will pull my Caribbean girl card) but I'm an ace at parallel parking AND can make a mean fried egg, so what are you waiting for? I'd LOVE to chat with you about your needs and how I can help you. I'm so excited for your contact!


All the best,
Amy Nieto-Cruz
Badass VA and Cat

P.S. My fave emoji is the poop emoji.

A little bit more about me: I am originally from Puerto Rico but now reside in beautiful Portland with my cat, Kitty Picard, and banana plant, Rosita. I have been a photographer and also designed handbags for my Little Bright Studio line. I also LOVE SPREADSHEETS and am hella organized. (Did I mention I. Love. Spreadsheets?)