I’m your
strategic cheerleader


I know what it’s like to create something with so much passion that you neglect the tools to make your business actually grow.

I thought the DIY ethos also had to extended to my marketing, operations, and finances.

I knew very well what I needed to do in order to have a successful handmade goods business.

“Post on social media”

“Send newsletters”

“Apply to craft shows”

But I decided to do all of this by myself.

Inevitably, I burnt out.

The loss was heartbreaking and it took time to recover mentally, emotionally, and financially.


I learned a very important lesson.

Repeat after me.

We can do this together.

You don’t have to go it alone.

I’d love to be your business cheerleader!


let’s thrive

Drawing from my 10+ years of experience as a maker and knowledge of brand strategy and digital marketing, I want to help shorten that all-too-familiar journey from, "What the actual heck am I doing why can't I get a sale is it because I suck nobody likes" to "LOOK HOW HAPPY PEOPLE FEEL SHOWING OFF MY JEWELRY/DRINKING FROM THE CERAMIC COFFEE MUG I MADE/WEARING A COOL LINEN DRESS MY TEAM SEWED".

THAT is where I want to take you. 

That place of success, confidence, and pride in your work. That place where you make a damn good living creating art. 

That's where I want to see you because I KNOW you can thrive in that place.


Hi, I’m Amy

All I ever think about is how badly I want all the independent, women-led brands I love succeed beyond their wildest imagination. I’ve been supporting and advising fellow makers ever since I co-founded an alt/indie craft fair in 2005 in Savannah, GA, during the early days of the maker movement. I firmly believe in community over competition and approaching success from a place of abundance, not of scarcity.

For 7 years, I was the designer and owner behind Little Bright Studio, creating the most colorful bags and jewelry. Being in this role helped me hone my skills in marketing and branding.

Born and raised in warm and tropical Puerto Rico, I now live in the city of roses, Portland, OR, with my tuxedo cat, Lt. Kitty Picard Stewart. Like a cat, I’ve had many lives, including: photographer, web designer, producer, server, art studio owner, and business consultant for the local college.


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